Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is The Customer Always Right?

Last week, Maritess and I decided it's about time to order the Kitchen Cabinet to be installed at my sister's unit at Berkeley Residences in Katipunan, Quezon City.

We were excited after getting approval from her to go ahead and buy the kitchen cabinet first from a well known supplier of CONDO items that FITS all sorts cabinets, which has an outlet at SM North right under the parking lot at the back of THE BLOCK.

What would you feel if they suddenly change the terms of the quotation saying that if we didn't order the "whole lot" the prices will be increased and that's because they have an internal memo about it?

Exactly. I felt betrayed and the worst thing was the manager insisted she was right because she just told me about it when I clarified the issue. She bang her hand on the table saying she knows what she's saying!

I have been in sales and marketing for a long time. That's not they way to deal with a customer. It would have been better if she admitted her mistake and ask me to reconsider and then go on selling the good feature of their product.

This incident reminds me of the importance of "integrity". We should honor our words (in this case, the quotation) and not blame the customer for our mistakes.

It was good my wife was there to mellow me down. I was ready for war! But then I remember, I was the CUSTOMER. Uhmmm.


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